Advanced Biomechanics

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Watch the following video on Newton’s 3rd law.
This video provides an example of both internal and external biomechanics in a practical setting.

Newton’s three laws of motion can be applied via Internal and External biomechanics.

Internal Biomechanics – Biological materials, skeletal system, muscular system, and the nervous system. We discussed these concepts in WK 1 & WK 2.
External Biomechanics – Forces, Linear Kinematices, Linear Kinetics, Tourques & Movements of Force, Angular Kinematics, Angular Kinetics, and Fluid Mechanics.

However, within the world of coaching and sport biomechanics as we teach a skill, often it is easier to refer to potential movement, actual movement, and reactions upon the body using the terms of work, power, and energy, rather than using Newton’s mechanical object terms.

1. Do you agree? linear motion can be better explained in the terms of work, power, and energy? Why/Why not?

2. Based on Vigotsky, Zelik, Lake, & Hinrichs (2019) article ” Mechanical misconceptions: Have we lost the ‘mechanics’ in “sports biomechanics’?” would they agree? Why/Why not?

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