film review

watch the film and incorporate with the reading to write a review about 350 words

film: The Blue Kite 1993, Tian Zhuangzhuang

reading: As for the reading for “The Blue Kite” please use the following two links: (English), (Chinese). The story “Kong Yiji”
by Lu Xun narrates the sad fate of an old-fashioned Confucian scholar as told
through the eyes of a young child.

looking for a longtime cooperation, there are 6 more reviews later.

here is a example

Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” (2007) is a cinematographic adaptation of a short
story of the same name by the veteran Taiwanese author Eileen Chang, but
greatly expanding and fleshing out the narrative frame and detail from Chang’s
slender and impressionistic, dream-like narration. The film takes place in Hong
Kong and Shanghai during the Japanese invasion of China in World War II,
roughly between 1937 and 1939, and tells the story of the involvement of an
idealistic and politically driven student who has lost most of her family, Wang
Jiazhi, with an important official in the collaborationist puppet regime set up
by the Japanese, one Mr. Yee, a ruthless and yet deeply scarred man. Wang
Jiazhi is recruited by the Chinese resistance movement to pose as a well-to-do
businesswoman in order to seduce Yee and therefore facilitate a planned
assassination to be carried out by members of the resistance movement. Yet
things do not go as planned as Wang Jiazhi realizes that she has been utilized
by all the men in her life except Yee, and that her sexual affair with him has,
against her own will and her own political convictions, crept into her
emotional world. The film makes specific references to a classic of Chinese
cinema that deals with similar topics, Yuan Muzhi’s 1937 “Street Angel,” made
exactly during the action of “Lust, Caution,” by reusing some of the songs in
the 1937 film and especially through the lively recreation of the slums of
Shanghai in the early 20th Century. The film excels at depicting the internal
conflict of Wang Jiazhi between her Confucian commitment to her country, very
much in line with traditional Chinese morality and embodied in the ideals of
the resistance movement, and her own individual emotions, along with the
disenchantment that emerges upon realizing that, politics and ideology apart,
there are few chances for a woman alone in a world controlled by men.

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