For each of the words below, complete the following knowledge chart.

Vocabulary 5.docx

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For any words you have checked either “Don’t know” or “Have Seen,” please look in a good English learner dictionary and write the word and definition below. If there is more than one definition, choose the one you think best matches the way the word is used in The Addictive Personality.

It is important to understand the different parts of speech of words that you may encounter in reading and use in writing. For each of the key words, complete the row in the table using a good English learner’s dictionary. If there is no word for a particular part of speech, put an X. If there is more than one of a particular part of speech, write it below.

Word Families 1.docx

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Download files to your computer or laptop, complete both worksheets, save as to your vocabulary folder, then submit by the due date.



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