I want you to answer these questions individually ( not in paragraph )

Also, i want simple vocabulary


It was becoming obvious to many that the suburbs of Kenzington now had a drug problem, but few wanted to admit it. The community’s residents like their quiet neighborhood, and most never thought that drugs would be a problem. Incidents of teenagers being arrested for possession of alcohol or even other drugs, such as marijuana, were being reported more regularly in the newspaper. There seemed to be more burglaries, too. All the signs were obvious to a group of concerned citizens in Kenzington and suggested the possibility of a drug problem. So the concerned citizens decided to take their concern to the city council. 


Review over the slides 9 and 10 of lecture 8 for questions to ask when creating an intervention. Think through the questions in relation to the scenario that is going on in Kenzington. After thinking through the questions, your assignment is as follows….

1- Identify a specific intervention that would be useful in dealing with the problem.

2- How would you evaluate your efforts to solve the problem. Be specific in terms of the benchmarks that you would use.

3- List three strategies that you might recommend to make the solution lasting.

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