Mini Research Prospectus of 1,600-2,150 words in length

  b) Use  Purpose Statement from Mini Research Prospectus Part 1. In its final form for inclusion in this part of the assignment, the statement should be 100-150 words in length.

  c) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

  a) Write a concise review of literature of 750-1,000 words that accomplishes the following:

  i) Identifies the main contributors to and the key theories in the research topic.

  ii) Critically examines the quality of prior research as well as the existing empirical issues, theoretical issues, and conflicts.

  iii) Critically examines the methods used to investigate the problem of interest and analyzes the differences in methodologies that may have contributed to varied research results. 

  iv) Develops the research question and guides the selection of the method.

    b) Write 750-1,000 words that describe the method you will use and that detail the steps you will take to answer your research question. This section must accomplish the following:

  i) Presents the design of the study and justify the use of a specific research method.

  ii) Describes and justifies how the data is to be collected, including the

  (1) Population (subjects) to be studied.

  (2) Data collection instruments to be used.

  (3) Data collection plan to be employed, which specifies the conditions under which data are to be collected.

  (4) Specific activities to be conducted that are intended to reduce bias and increase validity. 

  iii) Specifies the intended data analysis procedures and analytic tools to be used. 

Information is attached in word format 

please see attached document listing the information to help with the paper

****please use scholarly articles from 2013-2016 with the methods and theories, all quotes must be synthesized*****


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