Mock email assignment.

Mock Email Assignment

Post a “mock” email message introducing yourself to the class to the discussion forum on BlackBoard. Design your email including a subject line, and use headings and subheadings that enable others to scan your document in order to read it quickly. In your message, include the following information:

  • A salutation
  • Your name
  • The name you prefer others in this class to call you . Max
  • Your home country, state, and city. Ghana West Africa
  • Your year in college (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior)
  • Other colleges or universities you have attended, if applicable.. CSCC. Fortis college of nursing. American institute of alternate medicine
  • Your declared or possible major.BSN
  • Your declared or possible minor
  • Your possible career interests.Nurse practitioner in Psych
  • Your previous work experience if any.Rehab nurse
  • Your current work experience if any. Psych nurse at Mount Carmel west
  • A brief statement about why you are taking ENGL 1510: With the Introduction to Business and Professional Writing theme. Help with my program
  • A brief statement about your proficiency in languages other than English
  • A brief statement about your proficiency in written English
  • A brief statement that includes anything else you want your instructor and your group members to know about you.
  • A closing


Meets numbers 1-3 & 16


Meets numbers 2-8


Meets numbers 9-11


Meets numbers 12-15



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