Strengthening Your Skills

Strengthening Your Skills

Reflecting on your progress is an integral part of becoming a researcher and scholar-practitioner. It is constructive to assess your current research mindset and skills and consider the necessary next steps to enable you to develop your research competencies.

In this Discussion, you will evaluate your research strengths and weaknesses and consider ways to strengthen your skills. Use this opportunity to share helpful insights and resources with your colleagues and determine practical ways to improve your research skills.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review your journal entries, Discussions, and Assignments throughout this course.
  • Reflect on the information you have learned this course about writing a literature review and the research process.
  • Review the web resource “The Literature Review.”
  • Consider what your strengths or weaknesses may be, including challenges with academic writing, statistics, research methodology, or other.
  • Review Chapter 5, “Prospectus” (pp. 39–47), in the Stadtlander text.
  • Review the media piece WriteCast Episode 19: The Literature Review: Tackling the Hard Questions.

Post by Day 3 a response in which you do the following:

  • Explain at least one strength and one weakness you have with regard to the research process.
  • Explain the steps you might take to address areas of weakness and which Walden resources you might use to help you.

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