This is marketing subject related assignment, need one and a half page.

This will require a trip to the store and your report of your finding and a the write up of the results should be approximately 1 1/2 pages

  Select a packaged-goods product category, and apply the VIEW model to three competitive brands within that category. Define all four com- ponents of the model, and explain how each applies to your selected product. Then use the following procedures to weigh each component in the model in terms of your perception of its relative packaging importance for your chosen product category:

a.  Distribute 10 points among the four compo- nents, with more points signifying more importance and the sum of the allocated points totaling exactly 10. (This weighting procedure involves what marketing researchers refer to as a constant sum scale.)

b.  Next, evaluate each brand in terms of your perception of its performance on each pack- aging component by assigning a score from 1 (does not perform well) to 10 (performs extremely well). Thus, you will assign a total of 12 scores: four for each VIEW component for the three different brands.

c.  Combine the scores for each brand by multiplying the brand’s performance on each component by the weight of that component (from step a) and then summing the products of these four weighted scores.

d.  The summed score for each of your three chosen brands will reflect your perception of how good that brand’s packaging is in terms of the VIEW model—the higher the score, the better the packaging in your opinion. Summarize the scores for the three brands for an overall assessment of each brand’s packaging.

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