Your task is to spend a period of 24 hours living like a religious adept of YOUR OWN RELIGION following a strict schedule. If you have no faith system, please follow the Zen Buddhist schedule.

  • You will submit both a written record and a video of your experience:
    Your paper should seem like an academic diary/daily events calendar. Record all research here, and make sure to cite your sources.
  • Your video should be confessionary and also as creative and fun as possible. This is where you should describe your experience and reflect upon it. You may complain as much as you want about “how much this assignment sucks” as well, but be specific about what’s annoying you and keep the curse words to a minimum.

Research to better prepare for this experience. A few suggestions:

  • find appropriate dress and stock up on appropriate food beforehand;
    devices like cell phones or PCs might have to be left charging and/or stored away;
    let your loved ones know what you have planned so that you will not be interrupted;
    if your religion prohibits the use of tech/gadgets, you may have a friend help with this portion of the assignment.


Document: Calibri 11pt; double-spacing; 2-pageminimum/maximum 5-page

for the recored I am a muslim so u should write this as a muslim student.


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