Answer 8 Questions for a Cognitive Psychology Article, psychology homework help

Use the attached article to answer these questions.

2.  Goal of article:
State the research questions and/or hypotheses being investigated (What are
they trying to do?) (Four sentences to one paragraph) 

4.  Describe ALL the dependent variables for the designated experiment:

Provide an
operational definition

Name the units
it was measured in


5.  Describe ALL the independent variables
for the designated experiment:

c.  Name each variable

d.  List its levels

e.  State the statistical test(s) that was/were
used to analyze the data

If there
are more than one independent variable, state the factorial design

6.  Describe how the
experiment was conducted, i.e., what was the procedure:
(4-6 sentences)


7.  Identify all the main effects and
interactions (if the design is factorial). Make sure you state the main effect
for EACH independent variable you named in (5):

Provide the statistical statement (t– or F-statement)

Explain each statement in plain English

8.   Steps or conclusions
suggested by the article

a.  How is each research
question listed in (2) answered?

b.  What do the data mean?


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