Conduct research into the topic listed below and prepare a final paper (4-5 pages in length or 5 pages maximum length), typed,double-spaced, 12 font, margins around each page not to exceed 1 inch, appropriate use of citations as footnotes, include a bibliography, and indicate the section# of the class in which you are enrolled. Note that citations, as necessary, should be provided in the form of footnotes(i.e., listed at the bottom of the page on which they appear–not at the end of the paper).  Additionally, you should include a bibliography which lists all source materials that you sorted through in conducting research on your topic even if you did not specifically cite from any of these source materials in preparing your paper.


What is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians about?  What role has the United States played in the creation of this seemly intractable problem and what role does the United States continue to play? 


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