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Module 5 Discussion

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Developing Online Collaborative Activities

Assignments that require students to work together collaboratively are a challenge in the best face-to-face courses. The challenges are compounded when requesting that online students work together to develop a product within a virtual environment. For this Discussion, you will explore a specific collaboration issue and invite your colleagues to provide potential solutions.

To prepare:

Read Capdeferro and Romero (2012), Chung-Hsien and Shy-Jen (2011), and Shepard (2012). Search the Walden Library for one other recent journal article related to collaboration experiences for eLearners. From these articles, determine a “best practice” theme regarding how to design engaging, yet fair, collaborative experiences within an eLearning course. For example, you may choose to address how groups might be organized, how roles might be used, how groups should be assessed, or how tools can be used to promote online collaboration.

By Day 7 of Week 9:

A best practice theme related to the design of engaging and fair collaborative experiences within an eLearning course. Provide examples and cite from the articles you read. Then, post a prompt related to your theme, regarding collaboration issues in an eLearning course.

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