Discussion 5: The Effects of Alcohol on Nutritional Status

Louisa just began her freshman year in college. She is an energetic five foot tall, 100 pound, 18-year-old who enjoys being

involved in numerous activities and clubs. Her social life was also expanding and she began drinking each weekend and

sometimes mid-week with the various social occasions and parties. As the year continued, she found herself drinking at least six

or more drinks in a row each weekend. She would also combine her drinks with caffeine added, either premixed or homemade

because she liked the “pep-up” effect it added. Eating wasn’t a priority for Louisa so many times she would go out on an empty

stomach which would heighten the effects of alcohol. Toward the end of Spring semester, Louisa was unable to concentrate on

her studies and was disinterested in some of her activities and clubs. She found that she would make excuses for her club

involvement and coursework, and began partying and drinking much more often.

1. If Louisa continues on this pathway throughout her college career, what social, physical, and mental difficulties might she face?

2. Discuss how alcohol affects the brain, liver, and other organs.

3. How does alcohol affect Louisa’s nutritional status?

4. What suggestions would you have for how Louisa could obtain support for modifying her use of alcohol in her life?

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