First, make sure you are majoring Drama or Theatre before taking this work. Here are the detailed requirements of this work:

This work cantains two parts. Part one See under module compare actors page View the clips of The Little Foxes that is currently on Broadway. Who did you think played the role best. Why?

Part two You’ve been reading in Chapter 4 about acting and improvising. Think of actors you’ve seen on stage, on TV, or in movies.

Who do you think is the best actor/actress you’ve ever seen? Why do you consider him/her the best? What makes them so great, in your opinion?

The compare actors page I have already uploaded below. Please have a check. The Chapter 4 mentioned above is from the book ‘Theatre in Your Life 3rd Edition – Robert Barton’. And I have already upoladed the zip file of this book below. You need to have a check and read Chapter 4 before the work.

Here are all the requirements of this work. I need a work in total of about 300-350 words. This must be an original work. This work is very important to me, so high quality must be ensure.

Looking forward to your good work!


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