history important

Below is an extract from a primary source that we have reviewed in class. Write a paragraph in which you (1) identify this source (what is it, who produced it, what was it for?); (2) discuss one reason why this source was important for the society that made it? and (3) what is the historical legacy of this text (its impact on later cultures)?


“We will not erect in our city or the suburbs any new monastery, church, cell or hermitage; we will not repair any of such buildings that may fall into ruins, or renew those that may be situated in the Muslim quarters of the town; we will not refuse the Muslims entry into our churches either by night or by day; we will open the gates wide to passengers and travelers; we will receive any Muslim traveler into our houses and give him food and lodging for three nights; we will not harbor any spy in our churches or houses, or conceal any enemy of the Muslims.”

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