HOSP project 3

Part 3, OBF Chart, Proposal Letter, Estimated Cost, Reflection
3A. The Estimated Cost for the entire event. This is an estimated cost of everything that will be on the
group’s hotel master account, based on the expected number of guests. (See Page 1 for information
about which types of charges the company is paying for.) A guide and example are in ULearn.
3B. OBF Chart
Create an OBF chart for the Green Organics group, using at least two customer objectives from
“Background Information” (page 1 of this document) and features from your hotel/resort.
3C. Proposal Letter. Write a proposal letter to Mark Jenkins. Use at least two “OBF” paragraphs in the
letter, based on the OBF’s in your chart. Use business letter format for the letter.
Although this section is at the end of your project, it would have been written long before the BEO’s and
the resume, because it is a proposal. Date the letter January 2, 2020.
3D. Reflection. What did you learn from this project? How would you handle it if you had to do it all over
again? What did you like least about it? Were there any parts that you particularly enjoyed? Be honest,
but write professionally.

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