International Relationships

Please answer each question below with 650 words:

1. Describe the various way which Human Aggression may be
looked at as a cause of Armed Conflict.

2. What are the various Internal
Characteristics of States that can potentially act as the cause of Armed
Conflict? Please describe each in detail.

3. Please describe each of the conditions that are thought
to favor the Effective Use of Coercive Diplomacy, and discuss why realists may
disagree with the use of Coercive Diplomacy.

4. How has the United Nations (the Security Council in
particular) attempted to promote collective security, and how could the
UN’s efforts become more successful post cold-war?

5. What are the current trends in population growth
rates, and what are the potential global challenges this growth rate

6. What are the causes of global Gender Inequity and what
are the potential consequences of that inequity?

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