last part to nurse course (assessment planning)

no word or page count but thoroughly address each prompt please and use headings for each prompt, there are 5 prompts

prior assignments are uploaded as you know the assessments for this prompt should correlate with rest of the course papers we have done


Take time to reflect on the following questions
as you craft your assessment plan for your course, conducting additional
research as necessary.

What types of assessment do you believe are most appropriate for your educational topic and intended audience?

  • How will you evaluate whether or not learning outcomes were accomplished?
  • Do the assessments you selected support cultural competence?
  • How will the assessments demonstrate that learning has occurred?
  • As
    you select the assessments that you will use, what is your rationale
    for the type of assessments you will use? Explain how these assessments
    support differences in learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)?

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