Leadership and Organizational Behavior


Pick any three (3) questions from page 2 to answer

 Please make sure that your name appears in the body of your answers.

 You may utilize the following resources ONLY to prepare your answers:

o Your braino Your textbooko Your own noteso Your journal entries

o PowerPoint presentations that I posted on Blackboard for this course.

Reading the questions, deciding which questions to answer, and

contemplation while doing something else (i.e. working, exercising, errands, etc.)

does not constitute “active completion” for timing purposes.

 Clear, concise, well-written answers are expected. Proofreading is highly


 Try to limit each answer to 1 page (300 words) in length, if possible. I

understand that a book could be written as an answer to each question –

that is not the point of this exercise. Extra points will NOT be awarded for

length alone.

 Best answers will demonstrate the ability to identify and apply relevant

“textbook” knowledge to circumstances within an organization and within

your own experience, use of meaningful examples and solutions not found

in the textbook, and the ability to analyze.

 Include the Pledge on your work: “I have neither given nor received any

unauthorized aid.”

 Contact me if you have any questions.

Pick any three (3) questions:

1. Group performance. Define group performance. Identify the five core group

performance factors and relate them to groups and teams in organizations, using

examples. Discuss ways in which effective leadership can support and increase

group performance.

2. Behavioral aspects of decision making. Define decision making as opposed to

problem solving. Describe and analyze the administrative model of decision

making, using examples. Identify one behavioral force outside of those identified

in the administrative model that has recently affected your decision making or the

decision making within your organization. What was the affect? Why? Discuss

and analyze the result.

3. Communication. Define effective communication. Discuss a situation that

exemplifies ineffective communication and analyze the result of that

communication. Identify the key communication barrier(s) that played a role in

the situation. Describe and analyze how that ineffective communication could be

turned into effective communication.

4. Conflict and negotiation. Define conflict. Identify and analyze the three (3) key

sources of conflict in your organization. Discuss how a leader could actively

mitigate those sources of conflict and forward the quest for peace. In your

discussion, analyze the role of negotiation, if appropriate.

5. Power and influence. Briefly describe how power and leadership relate.

Describe a time that someone influenced or tried to influence you to do

something that you would not have otherwise done. What influence tactic(s) did

he or she use? What was your response? Reflecting back, would you change

your response? Why or why not? How will you use that experience to be a better leaders?

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