Music Essay

Answer each of the following questions in a well-developed essay that shows a clear, concise train of thought with arguments that are informative and based on material you have studied in class. Each essay should be about 3–4 paragraphs in length. A paragraph will normally contain 6–8 sentences. Do not write your essay by trying to fill up the space requirements, nor should you just simply answer the sub-questions. Rather develop and think through an argument that addresses all the questions as well as providing additional supporting material so that your essay is a complete and well-supported idea. This should an academic essay in an expository writing form.


  1. Discuss the Indian musical concepts of raga, tala, and sruti (drone). Define each of these terms and describe their musical function. Include in your answer how raga is different than a Western musical scale, and how tala is different than a typical Western musical meter. Use specific examples from the lectures, class discussions, and readings. (Worth 20 points)
  2. Compare and contrast Javanese gamelan music with Balinese kebyar gamelan. In your answer include both musical characteristics and sociocultural contexts, such as who plays the instruments and in what kinds of contexts. Offer specific information from the readings and lecture material to support your answers. (Worth 10 points)
  3. Use Titon’s four components of a music culture listed below to compare and contrast Carnatic classical music and Indonesian gamelan music. (Worth 20 points).
  1. Ideas about music
  2. Activities involving music
  3. Repertories of music
  4. Material culture of music


When you answer questions, always cite examples form the course lectures, videos, and readings. You should not give an opinion that you cannot support with evidence that comes from material you have studied. Please keep this in mind.


  • DUE DATE: Monday, August 7, @ Noon (12:00 pm).
  • To receive credit for the assignment, you must submit your essays as a WORD document, 12-point font, typed and doubled spaced with your NAME on the paper.

.If it is not submitted as a WORD document, then it will not be grade

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