Narrative five paragraph essay

Please follow everything write below. And do not copy from internet.

NARRATIVE FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY FALL 2017 Narrating is the act of telling a story about what happened. The narrator generally explains the events in the order in which they occurred, when the events occurred, and who was involved in the incidents. When writing a narrative essay, consider your point of view. The narrator may use first- person narration to describe a personal experience or third-person narration to describe what happened to somebody else. For this essay, are to select one of the following below and write a five paragraph narrative essay.


1. overcoming the “New Kid” concept

2. overcoming adversity by finding peace in life

3. Being overlooked and underappreciated

4. Experiences with catcalling or other kinds of “street” harassment

5. The regrets of posting, emailing, or texting “something”

6. Misunderstandings between the older generation and today’s generation

Audience: Collegiate or Professional


• Brainstorm and engage in prewriting to begin the narrative writing process.

•Develop a narrative outline that includes who, what, when, where, why, and how of the specific details for the story.

•write a 5 paragraph draft of the essay to be peer-reviewed that discusses the narrative events of the selected topic. Properly place the thesis statement at the end ofthe introduction.

• Give the outline and final 5 paragraph narrative essay a title. Do not underline the title. Indent the first line of the paragraph.

•Double space each paragraph.

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