News Media Analysis

In this essay, you are to discuss and analyze a media source that deals with the issue of
organized crime in Canada. Any media is fair game as long as it is relevant to Canadian
organized crime topic: a news media article, a magazine article, a book, a chapter in a
book, a scholarly article, a web site, a movie, a novel, a game, etc.
You will receive a maximum four (4) points for summarizing the subject of media, seven
(7) points for your analysis, two (2) points for proper essay structure and two (2) points
for proper syntax, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

As far as the analysis is concerned, you have a lot of leeway, but you should apply what
you have learned in the course. In your analysis, your answer should:
(1) Identify which part(s) of the course is/are most relevant to this particular subject
(2) Compare and contrast the subject with the relevant course contents (Does it reflect
what is said in the course materials? If so, why? If no, what are the differences?)
(3) Apply theory(ies) and/or definition(s) from Modules 2 to 4 to this subject.
(4) Critically analyze how the topic was covered by the author of the article/ book/web
site, once again comparing the coverage to what you learned in the course (Is it
accurate? Is it sensationalized? Does it foster a better understanding of the subject?)
To maximize your grade for this assignment, use the following subheadings in your
essay: (i) Introduction (ii) Summary (iii) Analysis (you can further break this section down
by the above subheadings 1-4).

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