Point of Sale Data Collection

Assignment Content

  1. During your weekly trip to the grocery store, you purchase bread, milk, cold cereal, bananas, and ice cream. The purchase was made using a debit card.

  2. Create a table listing at least seven data items collected in this transaction and how they are entered into the system.
  3. Note: What are seven data items? List seven things the store might want to keep track of in their database about each of the food items, like its name, its identifying bar code number, whether it is sold by the pound or by the item, how it should be stored, price, etc. The goods (like bananas or bread) are not the data items, they are the data. Data items are what kind of info the store needs to keep about them.The table should list the products on different rows (bread, milk, cold cereal, bananas, and ice cream), then the 7 data items you choose across the top. Then you can fill in each cell of the matrix.How they are entered means things like if its entered into the database by its barcode being read on the POS system at checkout, or a tax field that is calculated, etc. Make sure to include how it is entered.
  4. Submit your assignment.Resources

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