Quantitative Reasoning I
Mud House Coffee        
Advertising Labor Costs Shipping Costs Production Sales        
Minnesota   1,028   8,992   1,285   2,826   25,690        
California   2,284   30,448   3,045   10,657   76,120        
Flordia   3,282   24,615   1,094   6,564   54,700        
Iowa   506   7,592   675   2,362   16,870        
Wisconsin   1,103   12,870   1,471   5,148   36,770        

Create at least four visuals using your data. 

  • Visuals must include a frequency table and a visual where central tendency and outliers can be seen (a histogram or a box and whisker plot). If you have outliers, make sure you create 1 visual with the outlier(s) and one without the outlier(s).
  • Two visuals must be pie charts: One pie chart for every independent and dependent variable combination, each including percentages and showing calculations (required).

Hints for Making an Effective Graph/Map:

  • Decide why you are making graph/map from this data.
  • Decide the type of graph/map you are making.
  • Decide on a title and consider the “W’s” (who, what, why, where and when).
  • Put in a legend (if applicable)
  • Put in a descriptive x-axis label (if applicable).
  • Put in a descriptive y-axis label (if applicable).
  • Put in scale (if applicable).

Cite the source of the data using APA format.

Submit your visuals in either an Excel® file or a Word document.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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