solve the 5 questions it it multiple choice

1) Elias Hill’s Ku Klux Klan attackers attacked him for, among other things, subscribing to a Republican newspaper?

T or F

2) Mary Church Terrell, in “What It Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States,” made which of the following arguments? Select all that apply? ( More than one answer)

African American visitors to Washington, D.C., would have a hard time finding lodging, unless they knew someone who could help.

Despite discrimination toward black Americans, the nation was still living up to its ideals of liberty and freedom

In a city representing the freedom of the nation, blacks had to sit in segregated seating on street cars.

t would be hard for white people to understand the black experience, in which extensive discrimination limited opportunities and thus took away incentives to work hard.

Black Americans were welcomed warmly only in a few public places: restaurants, churches, and stores.

Black women found it difficult to earn a living.

All women, white and black, experienced the same level of job discrimination.

3) Wells acknowledged her three black friends had raped a white woman?

T or F

4) Which of the following is NOT an argument made by W.E.B. Du Bois in his 1903 critique of Booker T. Washington’s ideas? ( more than one answer)

(White) southerners loved Washington for his ideas, whereas he effectively silenced African Americans who were pressing for full equality.

Part of the reason Booker T. Washington became so influential is that his rise to prominence came (a) when the Civil War was becoming a distant memory; and (b) when Americans were astounded by the changes wrought by commerce and industry.

Washington was, in essence, calling for black Americans to submit to whites.

Economic opportunities would not automatically translate into recognition of blacks’ full equality with whites.

African Americans’ only hope under Washington’s program was that at least they still had ample opportunities for higher education and voting rights.

5) According to Booker T. Washington, African Americans should pursue a higher status in the US not through political activism or social protest, but through economic uplift?

T or F

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