The final paper should reflect the accumulated knowledge of the class by addressing what you think social justice really means. One could argue that there are at least two perspectives on an “ideal” way to treat people who are different, both interpersonally and as a society.

Format: 12 point/Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, APA citations (Author, Year) and References section. While I do not have a length requirement, I think it will be difficult to sufficiently address the prompt in less than 8 double-spaced pages (not including the References page).


16 points: explained and incorporated 4 academic sources, two of which are empirical papers

8 points: explained and incorporated 4 real-world events/speeches/non-academic sources

6 points: identified the two perspectives, including strengths and weakness

5 points: clear conclusion: what is social justice?

5 points: synthesis

4 points: in-text APA citations and References page

6 points: proofreading/flow/clarity


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