U.S Constitution Project

This is a two-part project.

Part One- Create a storyboard of the formation of the US Constitution. You may use the website linked below to create your storyboard. You should have at least six frames in your storyboard with at least 150-200 words total.

You can use either Storyboard That,
a free service that will help you create your storyboard, or you may
create it as a series of drawings or use a presentation program. If you
use Storyboard That, choose the option that allows you to make two rows
of three frames each, so that the two rows are on top of each other.
This will allow you to make the storyboard for free.

Part Two- After you have created your storyboard,
create a story book for 5th graders explaining the various parts of the
US Constitution. You may create your story book in a series of written
text, drawings, or cartoons.You can create your story book however you wish within reason, but the text of it must be at least 400 words total.

You must use at least 2 credible sources

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