W20 EWRT D001A 32Y Composition And Reading, Essay #3

I upload the TED. Speaker Guide and EWRT 1A Essay #3 requirement below.

Before you write this essay, you need to write a paragraph about your topic ideas:

(1) why did you select this topic;

(2) how is the research going so far; and

(3) what is your goal for this essay topic — do you want to inform? do you want to inspire? do you want to motivate? do you want to create change? do you want to comfort people? –Conclude with some general observation about what you expect from this TED Talk for yourself and your audience.

Writing requirement

Thoughtful and detailed,

Be sure to keep working on wordiness, strong vocabulary, and comma usage,

after this, you can begin to work on the essay.

if you have any questions, please ask me.

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