Write a 750-1000 word

Fundamentals of Communication

Response Paper 2

“The Lunch Date” (1989) dir. Adam Davidson


-Write a 750-1000 word (about 2 ½ -3 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font) observation/reaction/analysis.

-Questions to consider in your paper:

-What is your impression of the two main characters?

-Who are they (your best guess) and where might they each live? What tells you this?

-Why do you suppose they reacted the way they did?

-Did stereotypes play a role in their reactions? What gave you this impression?

-Do you feel there was enough dialogue in this film? Why?

-If you would like, discuss something else that is related to what we have been discussing in class. Anything since Day 1 is fair game.

-Incorporate at least three (3) vocabulary terms from Chapter 5 Nonverbal Communication into your response paper.

-Please underline or highlight the terms used.

-This paper should be completely your own opinion. It is not meant to be a formal research paper, so no need to cite sources.

-Mentioning a part of the story when you are illustrating a point is fine, but please do not take up half of your paper to summarize the film. I have seen it.

-Please write this paper in paragraph form. Be sure to double-check your grammar and punctuation.

-Submit your papers on Canvas.

Have fun with this assignment!

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