Application of Concept and Theoretical Systems

Instructions: 5 pages, double-spaced, 1inch
margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman

1) Select a movie you have viewed recently or select one of the following movies to view:



Eye in the Sky



Law Abiding Citizen

The Light Between Two Oceans

Thank you for Not Smoking

The Departed


My Sister’s Keeper

Hacksaw Ridge

The Invention of Lying

Michael Clayton

Quiz Show

12 Angry Men

The Verdict

A Walk Among Tombstones

a)Identify the ethical dilemma in the movie.

b)Select 2 ethical systems, that is deontological and teleological ethical systems, apply each system, and explain which you would use in addressing this dilemma. Why?

c)Select ­any 5 key terms from assigned readings attached below, define, and apply to the ethical dilemma in the movie. (Reading 1- Doing the Right Thing (Pg 19-30)) (Reading 2- Justice-The Greatest Happiness Principle(Pg- 31-57)).

d) Select any 6 key terms from the following- Discretion, superogatories, Whole sight, eudaimonia, Hypothetical imperatives, veil of ignorance, retributive justice, lex talionis, lex salica, utilitarian justice, efficacy, bounded ethicality, ethical fading.

Please note: You are not required to consult additional resources for this assignment. Just use lecture materials and assigned readings.

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