Crime Scene Research Paper

Step 1: Report

  • Select any criminal case (does not need to be a cybercrime case) that has not been covered in class materials
  • Research a criminal case and write a research report about how the crime scene was processed in that case
    • Summary:
      • Approximately 3-5 pages single spaced, Arial or Calibri font, 12 point
      • Summarize the case
        • Provide a brief overview of the case (Note: this should be brief, the purpose of the paper is analyzing the CRIME SCENE processing.)
        • Review the evidence & any available information
        • Describe the process investigators used to process the crime scene in this case
        • Include information about any mistakes that were made in the case
        • What was the outcome of the case?
    • Analysis:
      • Approximately 1-2 pages single spaces, Arial or Calibri font, 12 point
      • What would you do differently or the same?
      • Were there any issues in processing the case that had an impact on the outcome of the case?
    • Appendix:
      • Include visuals to support your report. This may include items from the actual case, such as: evidence logs, photos, search warrants, transcripts, other documents presented in court
    • Works Cited:
      • Cite any sources you use in APA – both in-text and a works cited page
      • Use at least 3 reputable sources to support your report.

Step 2: Conduct a “Background Check” on Yourself

  • Imagine you are one of the investigators in this case and will be presenting evidence in court. You need to ensure that there is nothing you have posted online or in your background that could be challenged by the opposing side that could put your case in jeopardy.
  • Research online to make sure there is nothing that could discredit your character as a witness.
    • Look for anything you can find online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) that would question your values or credibility.
  • Write a brief summary of the process you took to conduct the background check and whether or not you found anything that could be questioned. You do not need to provide details or information about what you found, just the process and if you did or did not find anything.
  • Include your background check summary after the works cited page in your report.

Example cases:

  • Casey Anthony
  • BTK
  • Jodi Arias


  • Summary: (30 Points)
  • Analysis: (30 Points)
  • Appendix: (20 Points)
  • Works Cited: (10 Points)
  • Background Check: (10 Points)

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