Ethics in the news, Management Question help

Ethics in the news:

There is much to consider when the topic of global economic justice comes up. It is not simply an issue of the “haves and have-nots.” International and regional politics, military conflicts, and resources are just a few factors.

For this activity, find an article (from a reputable source) or a report from a non-governmental agency (such as the United Nations, European Union, or World Bank) which focuses on an issue of global economic justice.

Share this article in your initial post (title and web link) and explain why you believe it is important to global economic justice.

  • Avoid duplicating articles that have already been posted; try to find different topics/issues which have not already been shared.

Additionally, there are two components required for your response post(s):

  1. State whether you agree with your fellow classmate on the importance of the article’s relation to global economic justice.
  2. Explain how you believe the article they shared does, or does not, relate to global economic justice.

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