I have research papers about Healthy People, and my major is Health Administration Service. So, if you are good with that to work it, tell me that to give you and work on it.

I have research papers with a group, and every member has to do his or her sections / questions. So, I will give you my two questions to work on it. Also, I’m gonna put their questions in these pages with their working to make easy for you what they research and use it in our research papers.


1.What were the main goals and focus areas of Healthy People 2010 and how did it compare with Healthy People 2000?

2. Briefly describe the development of Healthy People 2020.


1. To use the google scholar while you research .

2. Any paraphrase in the research papers, please put the link next to the quote it and/or end of paragraphs to make easy for me to cite it later, and my group will read my section.

3. I need only a page for each questions that I highlight it.

Health Medical

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