Marketing advertisement analysis paper

Individual Project (35%)

Find two advertisements from the same media vehicle (TV, newspaper, mobile, magazine, Facebook, outdoor or YouTube, etc.). Two ads no need from the same product/service category. One of which you consider to be “excellent” and the other one “bad”. You are suggested to critique the 2 ads along the following dimensions ( you are encouraged to think of your own evaluation criteria as well) :

Target Audience Analysis: Whom is the ad intended for? Where did it appear?

Content: What is (are) the central theme(s)/idea of the ad? The key message(s) to deliver? Would anyone be offended by the ad? Any distinctive elements included?

Creativity: for example: Do you find the ad Original or Cliche? Do you think the executive strategy or tone and manner of the ad relevant to the product nature and target audience? Do you find the ad eye attracting, aappropriate use of animation; audio options; graphics and color? How about the copywriting of the ad? Was (were) the element(s) or signs included appropriate? How about the storyline of a TV/YouTube ad ? The layout of a print ad?etc.

Effectiveness : Critique the effectiveness of the ad. Do you think the ad could achieve what it intended to achieve ? What will be your overall comments, feelings, appreciation or criticisms of the 2 ads.

Please note No recommendation or suggestion for improvement for the bad ad is required.

The expected length is around 2000 words ( +/- 5%), (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman font size of 14, excluding appendices).

Make sure to attach the 2 selected advertisements to supplement your answer (please put the attachments in the appendix). The full print ads or static Facebook ads have to be attached. For TV ads, YouTube or interactive Facebook ads, at least one shot should be printed or internet address should be submitted. If the advertisement is not English or Chinese, FULL English translation must be included in the report.

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