Need 7 question answered in 2 hours. Need 1 paragraph responses only.

1. (TCO A) We have business pressures in digital firms that require information systems solutions. Review the evolution of information technology solutions that address the business pressures from a strategic and tactical perspective. (Points : 50)

2. (TCO B) Describe the decision-making process and how good information systems support business intelligence and business analytics. Use a present day organization, and discuss the business intelligence and analytics used by the organization. (Points : 50)

3. (TCO C) Describe how a present day organization manages its data. What tools are used to access the data? How is data quality managed, and why is this so important to an organization? (Points : 50)

4. (TCO D) Define a business scenario, and explain the difficulties and management issues as they pertain to (choose one)
(a) wired and wireless communication networks.
(b) systems security and control.
(c) Internet, intranets, and extranets.
(d) Cloud computing environments. (Points : 50)

5. (TCO E) Your organization has just budgeted $10 million to allow for a much needed update or upgrade. How would you spend this money and why? Please discuss current and future trends in technology and how these trends can be useful or not. (Points : 50)

6. (TCO F) Discuss how organizations can utilize good project management techniques to develop information systems. (Points : 50)

7. (TCO G) How have social, ethical, and political issues been abused due to nonsecured information systems? What can an organization do to secure and control their information systems? (Points : 50)

Business Finance

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