WU Psychology Pregnancy & Expectant Parents Paper


Part 1: prenatal fact sheet

Assignment Readings

In addition to Mathew & Jatinder (2010), review the websites below before beginning this assignment.

How a Newborn Affects Family DynamicsLinks to an external site.

What are the factors that put a pregnancy at risk?Links to an external site.

The Role of Genes in Prenatal DevelopmentLinks to an external site.

Risky Health Behaviors among Mothers-to-BeLinks to an external site.

Adverse Childhood ExperiencesLinks to an external site.

  • Instructions
    With a new pregnancy, expectant parents often have many questions about prenatal development.

Using web resources and community resources, you will create a prenatal fact sheet for expectant parents, informing them of the factors that influence development prenatally, in infancy, and in toddlerhood.

You are to design a handout/brochure including the following information:

5-6 factors that put a child at risk prenatally (at least one factor must be one of the ACEs).

  • What women should do and not do to limit those risk factor.

How prenatal risk factors can affect later development in infants and toddlers. 

Use at least 3 resources for this assignment. 

The fact sheet should be colorful and visually appealing to the reader. 

  • Part 2: Early Learning

Watch Annie Murphy Paul’s Ted Talk on “What we learn before we’re born”. Links to an external site.

Address the following in your blog post:

Summarize the research that was presented in this talk, and explain the findings. 

  • Murphy Paul stated that prenatal experiences influence reactions to experiences after birth. How is this?

Relate the information presented by Murphy Paul to later development. 

What might these early experiences do for infants and toddlers?

Reflect on your learning. What was the most surprising/interesting part of the talk? 

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